Speak Out 6/6/11

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stealing papers

I am a couponer and I buy four papers every Wednesday and Sunday. I try to go to the machines, but too many people have already stolen more than what they paid so the machine will not open even though there are papers in them. I go to the gas stations or Schnucks and buy them. I am also thinking of buying a subscription to both the Southeast Missourian and the Post Dispatch. Shame on the people that are stealing these papers!

President's popularity

YES, other countries cheer for and love our president. They should. He's doing more to help them than he is his own constituents! And as for him listening to the people when Bush wouldn't, I don't know what speeches you're listening to, but Obama has routinely been arrogant toward Americans, giving them a dressing down as if we're 2-year-olds. Some of you Democrats need to take your blinders off and see reality because this country cannot take another four years of Obamacomics, any more socialist programs such as Obamacare, and more handouts at taxpayers' expense.

Letter People

THIS would be too good to be true but rumors abound that there is a backlash against the mass deportation of The Letter People from an area school district and that literacy rights protesters opposed to their punitive extinction may eventually allow them to return to their rightful place in elementary school classrooms.

Teaching driving

EVERY time there is an article about a teen in a car wreck, many readers comment about the need for driver's education in schools. Why is it always the school's fault when a student does something wrong or dangerous? Here's a novel idea: Let the parents teach their children how to drive. Schools can't do it all, folks.

Bank issues

OUR government officials again think they can fix everything by throwing our tax dollars at it. The banks were going broke due to poor management and waste so therefore our officials gave them billions of dollars in the form of bailouts. This was supposed to help them make loan modifications. I am a disabled senior citizen and I have been trying to get one of these ever since. I finally made it. Supposedly they reduced my interest by 3.8 percent. Now my payment is $6 per month higher than my original contract, which was made before the loan was bought by Chase Manhattan Banks. Our tax dollars gave them more power to fleece the American people. Now they are sending millions overseas to rebuild from their disasters while our seniors and disabled are going hungry and becoming homeless. This is why that in America, only the rich survive.

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