Speak Out 5/27/11

Friday, May 27, 2011

Israel's land

HOW would Americans feel if we were told the borders of the United States should be pushed back to what they were before 1835? No country that has fought for their land would agree to return it to the losers. Obama has once again shown what an inept fool of a president he is. And before anyone cries Israel stole the land, America was stolen from the American natives and you reap the rewards.

Frisbee golf

I don't know whose idea it was to set up the Frisbee golf course at Capaha Park, but a buddy of mine asked me to play with him the other day and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed doing that, and it is now going to be a hobby of mine. Thank you for setting up the Frisbee golf course.

GM bailout

IN response to the caller who talked about the General Motors bailout and praised it so highly, I'd like to point out that the caller hasn't mentioned the fact that the bond holders of General Motors lost all of their money and that under normal bankruptcy, where the government would have stayed out of it, the bond holders would have received whatever the company had. This way they got almost nothing.

Good laugh

IN response to the Speak Out comment that spoke about needing to listen to the recommendations of Al Gore, I appreciate the sarcasm. It gave me a good laugh when I read it.

Foreign aid

WHY does our country continue to pour billions of dollars in to Middle East countries such as Egypt and Pakistan, just to name a few? We have our own people right here in the U.S. that need help from all of these storms and flooding. Americans are tired of throwing money into this part of the world. Why don't our elected leaders see that?


THE community of Morehouse, Mo., was sacrificed to keep open a highway, thus putting concrete before people and property. No small community in Missouri history has ever been so malevolently victimized.

Copying Bush?

COLUMNIST Charles Krauthammer wrote that President Obama is copying President Bush in his policies. This cannot be true. President Bush was neither a communist nor a socialist.

U.S. student scores

I guess a Google headline reading, "U.S. students show significant gains in math and science" pretty well guts the credibility of a Speak Out caller who claimed said scores were "plummeting."

Financially bankrupt

FINANCIALLY bankrupt, facing foreclosure and ruin. Sounds like some business whose mismanagement has led to its demise. No, it is the United States of America. Yet we still send billions of dollars to Pakistan, whose loyalty is in question. That is not the only country we prop up, there are several. We subsidize Big Oil to the tune of billions of dollars but face bankruptcy. When will Congress and our president make the cuts to foreign aid and oil subsidies rather than talking about cuts to Medicare and Medicaid?

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