Speak Out 5/26/11

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reverse math

IN the last three weeks the futures price of gasoline has dropped by over 40 cents per gallon. The pump price has only dropped five to 10 cents. It is amazing to me that Big Oil uses the daily markets to up their prices, but when the markets drop they do the reverse math.

Congress turnover

I see another turnover in Congress coming.

Delaying inevitable

A recent Speak Out comment erroneously claimed that GM was paying back the taxpayer-funded loans and held up the bailout as a success since GM is once again making a profit. The government actually forgave a significant portion of the loans, lowered the interest rate, and subsequently increased the requirements on government agencies to lease and buy GM products such as within the GSA fleet. All the government has done is delay the inevitable.

Oil subsidies

WHAT is amazing is the Republicans' insistence that these huge corporations need over $2 billion in tax subsidies to continue gouging the American public.

Letter People

IN one of the most counterproductive and stunning developments in the history of education, an area school district has evidently required the removal of The Letter People from classrooms. No doubt millions of students around the world have made otherwise impossible strides in literacy with the use of the inflatable Letter People. I openly appeal to the area school board to reconsider this apparently arbitrary and uninformed decision to remove The Letter People and reinstate them to their rightful place in the classrooms.

Egypt relief

THE White House announced a billion dollars in debt relief for Egypt. Where is this money coming from? How about trying to relieve our own debt first?

Concede election

MANY would disagree, but I think it would be a grand gesture and help unify the country if, within six weeks, the Republican Party decides (when it comes to the presidential election of 2012) to concede.

Ending aid

ALL foreign aid makes up only about 2 percent of the federal budget. Ending it all would do nothing to prevent much needed entitlement reform and would jeopardize national security beyond calculation.

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