Speak Out 5/22/11

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judicial mockery

INNOCENT or guilty, who is footing the bill for this Casey Anthony nonsense? Once again they are making a mockery of a child's death and the judicial system.

Reagan myth

IT is a myth that Ronald Reagan never raised taxes. He did.

Tuition increases

TUITION going up again, they say only 5 percent. Five percent is a lot to some people. And for a new aquatic center. Didn't they close Parker Pool? Before that, a fancy fountain for a pretty front door and work on Broadway, and now there are hopes of a hotel by the River Campus. I'm sure people need more say in the spending of this university.

Seek higher ground

I wish somebody would please explain to me why someone would leave a vehicle parked in an area when it's going to be flooded and just let it be ruined? That sounds to me like a deliberate thing. If you know water is coming and the vehicle is movable, if it runs, you can drive it to some place of higher elevation. But to leave it there to be ruined, that just boggles my mind.

Under Obama's watch

A recent call in to Speak Out stated the right-wing was mad because the killing of Osama bin Laden came under the watch of Obama. Let me add a few more things that have occurred under Obama: The highest unemployment in recent history; record-breaking deficits; death squads crossing over into the U.S. from Mexico; the threat of America losing its AAA bond rating; the highest ever gas and food prices; third-rate socialist medicine and the list goes on.

Community garden

HOW about filling up Capaha Pool with dirt and making a community garden?

Dream comparison

HISTORY takes strange twists and turns, so you never know. Having said that, I think that 500 years from now Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech will be remembered more than the recently published "I Had a Dream" speech by David Limbaugh.

Obama listens

WHAT I like about Obama is he doesn't stick to his own silly way of thinking and that he listens to good advice. So the person who was attacking him for doing "just like Republicans," unlike the Republicans, Obama will listen and George Bush never did.

Space program

PRESIDENT Obama should be very proud. He is the president who killed America's space program. This program has been a source of pride and motivation for the entire country for the past 50 years. What has happened to our country? At a time when U.S. math and science scores are plummeting, our president is removing one of the great motivators for students to excel in math and science.

School absences

SCHOOLS are so fast to send out letters about children not coming to school. What about when the nurse sends a child home and the child cannot come back for 24 hours? You don't always have the money to go to the doctor, but the next day is counted as an unexcused absence because there is no doctor's note.

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