Speak Out 5/23/11

Monday, May 23, 2011

Where are signs?

WHAT happened to the "Keep right except to pass" signs? Seems like the right lane on most roads, including interstates, is the new passing lane. A lot of people get in the left lane and stay there. It's particularly annoying at night when they leave their headlights on bright.

Warrantless searches

THE Supreme Court sides with police in warrantless searches. Only in America can your property rights be taken away and nobody cares as long as the government stays out of our back pockets.


DAVID Limbaugh recently wrote a piece claiming he had some bad dreams to the effect that President Obama was doing a terrible job. If it's of any comfort, I can assure Mr. Limbaugh that dreams have no connection to reality. For example, I once dreamed that David Limbaugh replaced Debbie Wassermann-Schultz and became chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.


WHEN Boeing goes out of its way to try to convince the public that it's not anti-union, one thing is for sure: It's anti-union.

Obama's plan

AS our economy continues to limp along, will it ever occur to anyone that the policies of our radical, left-wing president are holding back the recovery? He whines about how long it is going to take, but the truth is, he thought he would snap his fingers, inject $800 billion in stimulus dollars, and magically unemployment would drop to 8 percent. He actually believed that.

Great teachers

I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Seibert, Mrs. Egbert and Mrs. Mabry. You guys are the best. My child had you all at Franklin Elementary and you are awesome. You can tell you love what you do. Thank you for everything.

Words hurt

THESE are trying and stressful times. Please don't take your stress out on your mate, especially in front of the children. Do you realize how hard it is to kiss the lips at the end of the day that have yelled at you all day? And how loud words hurt your children, for their lifetime? They may be gone tomorrow.

Foolish spending

I heard a report from a food bank that there are 70,000 Americans that are going hungry; they don't have money to buy food. I would say probably 60 to 80 percent of those are spending all their money on booze and other foolishness.

Sow wildflowers

IF MoDOT wants to cut back on expenses, rather than laying employees off, why don't they do like the states of Virginia and North Carolina and sow poppies and wildflowers all along the interstates to where they don't have to mow and upkeep them? Makes sense to me, and it's beautiful too.

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