Author Kevin Jackson says liberals are 'the destroyers' at Pachyderm Club meeting

Friday, May 20, 2011
Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, Amazon best-selling author of "The BIG Black Lie," isn't afraid to call himself a staunch conservative.

In fact, he'll make sure you know it, which is what he did Thursday as a guest speaker in Cape Girardeau at the SEMO Pachyderm Club's monthly meeting.

"Liberals say we are the destroyers, but I say liberals are the destroyers and dealing with them is like being pecked to death like chickens," said Jackson, who has also appeared on "The Glenn Beck Show," "The O'Reilly Factor" and numerous times on MSNBC.

Jackson discussed a topic posted on his blog earlier Thursday about Democrats controlling the lexicon in America. He said the use of words such as "entitlement" and "investment" have come to mean things different from their actual definitions.

"You're entitled to what you work for. Anything beyond that is charity," he said. "An investment, what's that? An investment to [Barack] Obama is a tax."

Further discussing Obama, Jackson added that liberals know they made bad a choice in electing him as president.

"Anybody that is not questioning Obama's leadership of this country is delusional. They probably want us to believe, too, that the best surfing is in Nebraska."

Jackson briefly discussed his newest book, which he said is largely anecdotal and focuses on how he came to the decision in his life to be a conservative. The book, much more in-depth than his speech in Cape Girardeau, he said, will help Americans understand how Democrats have wrongly defined the country.

Jackson closed his appearance with a question-and-answer session. One member asked him who he likes, or dislikes, as a candidate in the 2012 presidential election. While he wouldn't comment on who he'd prefer to see elected -- he said he has too many friends in Washington -- he offered the group some advice on choosing a new leader.

"The answer is whoever does not patronize you, who really gives you what they're going to do and what's in their heart. You'll know because they'll get asked the tough question and they'll give you the answer that you don't expect," Jackson said. "And don't believe that Obama has it in the bag."

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