VIP Attends Cardinals Game

Thursday, May 19, 2011
Cheering for the Home Team

VIP Industries was represented earlier this month at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game by 100 individuals with developmental disabilities, staff members, parents and volunteers. Even though the Cardinals lost to the Florida Marlins, 8-7, everyone had a great time, especially workshop employee Wendy Grawe, who had never been to a Cardinals game before.

"The whole thing was my favorite part," Grawe said about the event. "It was really fantastic."

While the evening proved to be a cold one, Grawe noted that it was still better to be at the game than to watch it on TV.

The May 4th outing to St. Louis was made possible through the Cardinals, who sent VIP 100 tickets at no charge. The VIP group boarded two charter buses for an evening of fun, singing and camaraderie.

In addition to new friendships being sparked that day, several of the workshop employees had "first time" experiences including, going to St. Louis, being at a Major League Baseball game and even using an automatic sink.

And what baseball game wouldn't be complete without the wave? Even if it was only contained in VIP's section of seats, the group certainly enjoyed themselves and made sure to keep the Cardinal spirit by dancing between hitters.

A special thank you goes out to the Cardinals for the opportunity to attend a game. Everyone enjoyed themselves and can't wait to go again.

VIP Industries is one of the largest sheltered workshops in the state of Missouri. They have been in operation for over 43 years providing services to more than 2400 individuals with developmental disabilities.

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