Speak Out 5/19/11

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drill vs. shrill

PRESIDENT Obama's decision to drill, baby, drill will hopefully make Sarah Palin less shrill, baby, shrill.

Jackson water

THE water in Jackson tastes disgusting.

2012 elections

AS all elections, this will be decided by the urban areas of America due to the sheer size of population. Rural America will once again be in the minority on all voted issues. As this continues to widen and grow, America continues to fall behind.

Bailouts a success

SEEN at the time as risky, taxpayer loans to the automobile industry have been an unqualified success. As a case in point, GM is now raking in substantial profits as it continues to pay back the loans. This unqualified economic success will translate into a political success for Democrats as head-in-the-sand Republicans continue to refuse to acknowledge the success of this program in helping to preserve the American dream.

RX bill

THE fact that a bill banning a prescription for pseudoephedrine (a precursor to meth) died in a Missouri Senate committee is the biggest and most shameful derogation of doing the right thing since the state Senate first came into existence.

Jeopardizing pensions

THANKS to the multitudes of Missourians who once again stopped the state legislature from allowing state Sen. Jason Crowell and his cronies from privatizing and jeopardizing Missouri's public pension funds. The bad news is that Crowell will more than likely give it one another shot next year.

Should have listened

I am convinced that none of the killer earthquakes (Japan), tornadoes and floods (U.S.) would have occurred had we long ago put partisanship aside, listened to and acted upon the recommendations of Al Gore.

Thanks, Blanchard

THANKS to Blanchard Elementary fourth-grade teachers. Our children had a wonderful time in St. Louis recently. They experienced the history of the Arch museum, went up in the Arch, and did a re-enactment of the Dred Scott trial at the courthouse. Great job, teachers and Blanchard Elementary.

Stop aid

NO other country sends U.S. cities any help or funds during our tragedies. I'm a conservative, and I believe that we should cut at least half of foreign aid that we give instead of messing with Medicare and Social Security. We give hundreds of billions away. Let's fix our homeland and then maybe we can start giving again.

Thumbing noses

BIG Oil has once again thumbed their noses at the American public. Oil prices drop for two consecutive weeks, but the consumer only sees one and a half days' relief at the pumps. Our government is powerless to stop them.

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