Central graduates are among top 100 graduates

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two members of the Cape Central graduating class of 2011 have been selected to be members of the Missouri Scholars 100 for 2011. Lessley Dennington, above, is the daughter of Marilee and Dr. Don Dennington, and Blake Kidd, right, is the son of Kay and Adam Kidd.

Missouri Scholars 100 is a program sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) to recognize the top 100 graduates from a combined graduating class in the state of Missouri of approximately 60,000. Each student nominated had to satisfy the criteria of an Academic Decathlon which includes ten events designed to assess the academic strength of the student. The events include ACT or SAT scores, grade point average, class rank, assessment of the student's transcript for academic rigor including upper level courses in mathematics, science, communication arts, social science and world languages, in addition to attendance, citizenship and involvement in cocurricular activities and community service. Jim King, executive director of MASSP stated, "Students who are selected to this program have taken a rigorous course of study and have maintained the highest academic standards. MASSP wants to celebrate the achievement and success of these students and of their schools."

Lessley and Blake were joined by their parents and Cape Central Principal Dr. Mike Cowan at the Missouri Scholars 100 Luncheon in May at Columbia, MO, hosted by MASSP and the University of Missouri. (Photo Curtsey of Kristin Eberts and Southeast Missouri newspaper)

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