Speak Out 5/18/11

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blame game

I am so sick of this blame game. Republican or Democrat, we are all Americans. Read your history book. Clinton sent troops to Afghanistan and was close to capturing Osama bin Laden. Bush took troops from Afghanistan and sent them to Iraq. For what?

Noticeable decrease?

I was reading an article in your paper with the headline, "Gas prices to fall as oil joins commodities plunge." What a joke. These people are saying that we should see a noticeable decrease in gas prices by summer, maybe down to $3.50 a gallon. Big whoopie. Gas has gone up over $1 a gallon since Obama took office. What about $2.50 a gallon? That would be enough to get excited about.

Winning number

THE only thing President Obama did in the capture and death of bin Laden was to put the finishing touches on the job well done by President Bush and President Clinton. They had a major hand in this action. President Obama was lucky enough to pick the winning jackpot number. And by the way, the Navy SEALs are the real heroes of this whole outcome. God bless you, SEALs, forever.

Get over it

I hope the conservatives in this area can get over President Obama being president. I know it's a shock to their system that a black person can become president.

'Record profits'

IN response to people complaining about big oil companies and their record profits, Big Oil is in the same business as everybody else, supply of a product or service and the demand for a product or service. It's not just Big Oil that's producing record earnings reports. If you want to blame anybody for high oil prices, blame it on plain old capitalism. If the government would let us drill our own oil fields and increase the supply for the demand that has been steadily rising, then the price of oil would fall.

Curing cancer

HERE it is 2011 and still nobody is telling the nation about hemp oil curing cancer. This stuff works and there is no pain like there is with chemo and radiation. It is being used in other countries, why not here?

Medicare payments

AFTER losing my job due to illness my insurance jumped from $30 a month to $600 a month and was getting ready to jump again to $800 when my Medicare kicked in. I now pay only $98 a month. This is a good program. However, Democrats are cutting their own throats by cutting funds as doctors will soon refuse to take Medicare patients, which is exactly what the Republican party wants.

Repair levee

RECENTLY the Army brought in Chinook helicopters and picked up their combat boats out of the spillway. The mayor of Cairo invited residents to move back in. But the water is still pouring into the spillway as it makes a shortcut to New Madrid. It is time for the corps to repair the damage it inflicted on Missouri. It is time to repair the levee.

Oil company profits

OIL companies say they need their profits to operate. One of the things that has been needed for years is another refinery. Have they done anything toward building one? No, they just take the money and run to give to the rich.

Term limits

MISSOURI legislative efforts to repeal term limits reflect a collective fear on the part of state lawmakers who support it that they can't make it in the private sector.

Bush deviated

A commentator recently claimed President Obama was merely continuing the policies of President Bush, and that is what led him to order the successful operation resulting in bin Laden's death. More false and profane words have never been published in the Speak Out forum. It has been well documented that President Bush took his eye off the ball, deviated from making the capture and/or killing of bin Laden his top priority, and even said in his notorious frat boy style that bin Laden's whereabouts was of little or no concern to him.

Extending school year

FOUR-day school week? No thanks. With working people living on a tight budget, we do not need the extra cost of day care. If schools are really wanting to improve test scores, they should extend the school year to the end of May.

Arrogant president

PRESIDENT Obama can't just voice disagreement. He has to denigrate his opposition. He did this again when speaking in Texas about border security. He jokingly said that his detractors wanted to perhaps build moats and to put alligators in the moats. Does our embarrassingly arrogant president not realize that U.S. citizens are being murdered by the illegal aliens that his administration refuses to take action on?

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