Letter to the Editor

Who selects generics?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Earlier this year "60 Minutes" did a report on medicine and generics. I have more news for you. Little is known about your generic drugs. Chances are your doctor doesn't know the company or the country they're made in, nor does your druggist.

Who selects the generics you buy? The pharmacy's supplier. If you're told a drug isn't available, that only means the supplier chooses to buy a different company's product. It doesn't meant it's no longer made. You can bet the drug wholesaler isn't a doctor or pharmacist -- but he chooses the history of your drug.

Many years ago there was a publication on generics and it said if you got good results with a generic drug then refill with the same company's generic to expect the same results.

Recently a nurse told me he got a prescription filled (generic) for a bad knee and got great results. The refill was made by a different company and didn't work.

BUDDY PARRISH, Cape Girardeau