Speak Out 5/16/11

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bird's Point

HAS anybody thought about the wildlife that was killed during this flooding, let alone the people on the Missouri side who are now without homes, barns, animals and a livelihood? The people they hired are without jobs. All for Cairo, Ill. Cairo, a town that was already underwater.

Project priority

AFTER the recent weeks of volatile weather, do you really think putting tax money into bike trails and playground equipment at the city parks is more important than putting tornado sirens all over the city so that everyone can hear them? Speak up and tell your city council members and mayor what is really important.

Start walking

I feel like we're being gouged at the gas pumps. So I'm hanging up my car keys, and I'm doing a lot of walking and bicycling. Everybody join in and maybe they'll get the message and take that crazy price down a little bit.

God bless you

I want to thank the lady who found my purse in the cart outside of Walmart and returned it. She didn't leave her name, but it was raining that day and I was in a hurry to get my groceries in the car and left the cart with my purse in it. My husband wasn't well, so I had to hurry and try to pick him up and get out of the rain. But she turned it in, and I thank God for her. God bless you for finding my purse.

Juvenile talk

I'M sure the Republicans are digging deep now to start another rumor about Obama. We voted for him. He is our President. We need to support him. All this juvenile talk is anti-American and only hurting us.

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