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Bankruptcies filed through April for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Eldracher, David10358
Stratman, Ashley E.10386

Butler County

Whitesell, Jennifer D.10333
Leonard, Jody C.10335
Rainey, Clinton G.10342
Anderson, Patricia A.10353
Webb, Jerry D.10372
Fiehtner, Raymond L. and Cathy10376
Johnson, Gail S.10394
James, Jessie F.10403
May, Willis A. and Helen L.10424

Cape Girardeau County

Kimbel, James H.10326
Campbell, Jerry W. and Carolyn S.10327
Wendel, Christopher T. and Lisa A.10328
Nevill, Shannon E.10329
Laws, Eddie E. and Michelle R.10334
Sander, Jerry W.10340
Lee, Christopher P.10341
Sanders, Daryl W. and Rashanda L.10345
Douglas, Jessica L.10349
McCoy, Paul A.10352
Mattingly, Tracy L.10355
Laiban, James A. and Crystal M.10356
Gibson, Keith L. and Crystal R. Brown-Gibson10357
Newbern, Brenda K.10359
McBride, Ronald W.10362
Tollison, Robbie D. and Tonya L.10363
Keith, Greg and Cheryl10367
Winter, Douglas W. and Donna R.10371
Luker, Daniel L.10384
Taylor, Chad A. and Tyna D.10385
Denson, Jody L.10387
Nedrow, Dale R. and Jenine R.10393
Moore, Kelly G.10395
Cleaver, Laura B.10401
Rhodes, Edwin R.10407
Bomar, Mariah K.10408
Webster, David G. and Misty D.10409
Tarrillion, Johnnie J. and Tracie M.10410
Machon, Charles D. and Song S.10418
Margetta, Jason R. and Elizabeth D.10420
Watson, Tynn A.10421
VonHasseln, Michael E. and Regina L.10423
Jamerson, Stephen R. and Tara J.10428
Fleming, Robert E. and Cara L.10430
Gary, Michelle L.10431
Benson, Matthew10432
Shell, Sherry L.10437
Young, Jessica M.10438
Curry, Kimberly D.10448
Payne, David R. and Edythe K.10450

Carter County

Burnham, Betty L.10400
Wilson, William W. and Joyce N.10419

Dunklin County

Wills, Brandy K.10331
Robinson, Caleb A. and Laurie L.10378
Helton, Karen D.10382
Higgins, Kimberly R.10383
Hollis, Jerry A. and Gaylene J.10390
Atchley, Raymond A. and Linda K.10397
Handley, Richard L. and Bessie M.10445
Causbie, Fred and Lora10446
Reddick, Barbara F.10447

Madison County

Wasson, Donald G. and Melanie D.10336
Jarrett, Jeremy G.10337
Callaway, Elizabeth L.10338
Nicholson, Harriet J.10348
Moyers, Stephen R.10350
Fick, Mary M.10351
Johnson, Yvonne M. and Charles L.10402
Walker, Lance B.10426

Mississippi County

Linhart, Christy D.10354
Sherrell, John K.10361
Williams, Joseph C. and Kristy M.10396
Switzer, Dianne L.10412
James, Montey M.10449

New Madrid County

Ephraim, Angella M.10377
Williamson, Scott R.10388
Meadows, Tyler D. and Shelby A.10389
Sizemore, Joe A.10399
Murphy, Aaron K. and Amy D.10425

Pemiscot County

Schrader, Jason and Kimberly10379
Wyrick, Amanda G.10380
Wilburn, Carolyn D.10381
Warren, Roderick B.10422
McCall, Jessica L.10439
Allen, Hall S.10440
Pruitt, Russell A.10441
Greenway, Howard W. and Mary A.10442

Perry County

Stephens, Randy D.10366
Nuyt, Bonnie S.10417

Reynolds County

Whitchurch, William J. and Debra A.10339
Hewitt, Jack E. and Kathleen10364
Tripp, Terry A. and Brandy J.10433

Ripley County

Stadler, Raymond J. and Sharon R.10346
Huckabee, Dale I. and Mary A.10360
Arnold, Doyle R. and Jeannie P.10373
Kallner, Sean D. and Sonia10413
Greenwell, Eric C.10444

Scott County

Davis, Donald R. and Amanda J.10330
Davis, Julia M.10347
Sadler, Lori A.10365
Cecil, Collin K. and Starla J.10368
Kirchhofer, Rory D. and Sherry L.10374
Gilman, Denise A.10375
Fox, Shawn E. and Holly N.10391
Culp, Rachel K.10392
Gilman, Kenneth R.10398
Riley, Ernest R. and Lela H.10404
Cummins, Mary E.10406
Pobst, Paul L.10411
Yahn, Marion E. and Lesley A.10416
Evans, Larry G. and Shannon K.10427
Beck, George L. and Gail A.10429
Mason, Agnes M.10436
Ramsey-Newsom, Carolyn A. and Alvin T. Newsom10443

Stoddard County

Lucas, Marilee E.10343
Cecil, Jeffrey P. and Brittney J.10344
Duncan, Terry G.10369
Williams, Michael W.10370
Dockery, John10405
Carver, Lily M.10414
Nelson, Gail R.10415
Rolla, Pamela M.10434
Wilson, Robert L. and Amanda K.10435

Wayne County

Bilbrey, Desiree C.10332
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