Speak Out 5/11/11

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skelton quote

THE best quote on the death of Osama bin Laden was made by former U.S. representative Ike Skelton, a Democrat from Missouri. He said, "It makes me proud, humbled and awed to know the last thing Osama bin Laden saw on this Earth was a trained, armed, ready and willing member of the United States military. God bless America."

Sour grapes

DR. Welker earned his retirement money and can do what he wants with it. Paying off his student loans after getting another degree is a good idea. These negative comments are just jealousy and sour grapes.

Birth certificate

PEOPLE keep complaining about Republicans wanting Obama's birth certificate made public. Why? He was running for president and his citizenship was in question. My question is why did it take so long if it was so "frivolous"?

Teen pregnancy

YOU would never know from reading the comments by Speak Out yokels that the rate of out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy has dropped.

Bank bailouts

I would live to see an article from Limbaugh or even Mr. Rust explaining the bank bailouts. I recently read a story showing how the banks took taxpayer money through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and bought U.S. securities instead of relending. Please excuse my ignorance on American free market capitalism, but this just doesn't sound very American or free market like.

Journalism prize

SAM Blackwell's defense of the Army Corp of Engineers and the difficult decision they had to make deserves a major journalism prize.

Editorial response

COULD the Southeast Missourian write an editorial about the successful raid to kill bin Laden without coming off as small-minded, petty and partisan? What a tepid response to an operation as historically significant as if in the earlier days of World War II someone could have taken out Hitler.

Last common sense

THE blasting of the levee at Birds Point and flooding of New Madrid floodway is probably the dumbest and most outrageous thing I have seen in my 69 years on this earth. To intentionally destroy a person's property in order to potentially save another's property defies all logic and common sense. No wonder this country is going downhill. We've lost our common sense.

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