Monday, May 9, 2011

Two months after relocating to Cape Girardeau, Angela Beise, who along with her husband Jim are ministers at La Croix Church in Cape Girardeau, was asked by the church to visit a 17-year-old girl at Saint Francis Medical Center. The young lady, Marida Faller, had been serving as the primary caregiver for her mother who was now in the hospital battling cancer.

When Marida's mother passed away -- and having never known her father -- Angela was there to provide emotional support for Marida as well as continued support in the coming weeks.

Weeks later when Marida found herself in the hospital after an automobile accident in which she was the passenger, it was Angela who came to the hospital upon her request. After bringing her home, Angela called her husband and told him that Marida would be living with them.

Two years later, Marida has been accepted for an accelerated medical school program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

While the Beises have been incredibly hospitable, they say Marida has been blessing to them.

The recent storms and flooding across the mid and southeastern parts of the country have been a reminder of what a little hospitality can mean to someone. Families are helping families. Neighbors are helping neighbors.

When disaster strikes, or in the case of Marida Faller, a death in the family, that's when help is most needed. In church and in the community we often talk about helping others. But like the Beise family, we should not only talk about such things but be prepared to take action.

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