Speak Out 5/6/11

Friday, May 6, 2011

County salaries

I totally agree with the Southeast Missourian's editorial comments on the county salaries and how they're determined. How do we get it changed is my big question.

Oil company subsidies

I saw on the news the record profits that the oil companies are making with the gas prices as high as they are and that President Obama is wanting to stop subsidies for the oil companies, and the Republicans say they're not going to vote for it because it's going to cause us to lose jobs. The Republicans voted to outsource our jobs. I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, but I want my gas prices to go down.

Gambling funds?

HAVE there been any funds set up for gambling addiction programs?

Birth certificate

WHAT'S so hard for a person wanting the highest job in our land to prove they are a citizen of the United States? We the people of the U.S. have to prove we are citizens. Why not a would-be president? Computers can cover a multitude of untruths. Democrats, Republicans, independents, show your allegiance to the U.S. Be sure we have a U.S. citizen as our president.

David Wilkerson

I'M wondering why we haven't had any recognition of the passing of David Wilkerson. He died last Wednesday in a car accident in Dallas. Being the founder of Teen Challenge and a well-known author and pastor, I thought it was odd that we here in Cape Girardeau haven't heard anything about it. I heard it on Pat Robertson's show and then looked it up on the Internet.

Cycling attire

WHILE I don't begrudge bikers being on the road for these race things they do on Sundays, I do have a problem with a girl going basically unclothed in the equivalent of a swimsuit. If you're going to be slowing down traffic, try wearing shorts and a top. It's bad enough I'm going to be behind you without having to see more of your body than I would like to.

Osama bin Laden

IT'S a wonderful thing. We took a black president, we got bin Laden. All we've got to do is sit back and watch this guy work. We know you Republicans don't like it, but we got it.

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