Letter to the Editor

Great time to be a Tiger

Friday, May 6, 2011

As a parent in the Cape Girardeau School District for nine years, I have seen our district from many perspectives and can assert that right now is a great time to be a Tiger.

Our students are experiencing end-of-year field trips, competitions and productions that have been in the works for many months. These events could not happen without the hard work and involvement from dedicated students and parents, and a third group -- our teachers -- also deserves some enthusiastic praise.

Every time one of our students receives an accolade, I know a teacher has taken the time to kindle and encourage that student's interests. Every time I see our students spending hours after school every day honing skills in sports or music or yearbook editing (just to name a few activities), I know there is a teacher who has helped instill a drive to improve. Whenever I see teachers give hugs and high-fives at their students' efforts and successes -- as well as their struggles and setbacks -- I know a student will approach the next challenge with even more confidence. And when I see a teacher stay at school late into the evening just to make sure a student has gotten something down pat, I know that student believes he or she is supported and valued.

Thank you, teachers of the Cape Girardeau School District for all your hard work this year -- inside the classroom and out. It is indeed a great time to be a Tiger because of you.

STACY KINDER, president, Cape Girardeau Public Schools Board of Education, Cape Girardeau