Speak Out 5/3/11

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Power of prayer

MY husband and I moved here three years ago from New York. I recently had my first child in March. During the last trimester of my pregnancy we had some complications. Friends and friends of friends were aware of the complications and we were soon on every prayer list in Cape Girardeau County. We were overwhelmed with the love and support of this community. We ended up having a perfectly healthy baby boy. I want to thank all of you who kept us in your prayers. The power of prayer is amazing. What a wonderful community to live in.

Balanced budget

FIXING the tax code and the federal budget at the same time is simple. Have a flat tax of 15 percent on everyone, including all companies and businesses, pass a balanced-budget amendment so the government can't spend more than is taken in, and require all members of Congress to have the same Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare programs the rest of us have.

Pinhook area

WE are reminded today that there is a group of black landowners living in the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway in a small village called Pinhook. White politicians are careful that they do not want to intentionally flood the houses or land in Pinhook. Nobody wants to be blamed for intentional flooding, but they certainly do not want to be blamed for discrimination. These neighbors may save the floodway from the Corps of Engineers.

Quality teachers

AS someone said in Speak Out, it certainly is the quality of the teacher in the classroom who can make a difference for students. Ironically, they're generally paid the least attention to by PR-oriented principals and other administrators. Administrators are happy as a lark as long as there's a warm body in the classroom, one who is able to keep order, not rock the boat or (heaven forbid) upset students and parents. Southeast Missouri is fortunate to have outstanding educators as student achievement scores of those who are there to learn reflect.

Sidewalk repair

I like the idea of more sidewalks, but tell us, when the sidewalks need repair will the city pay for it or will the homeowner be stuck with the cost?

Jensen column

Mike Jensen, Republican talking points mouthpiece masking as an independent minded columnist, recently wrote in part, "I strongly suspect that unemployment, debt and gasoline prices will not improve significantly prior to the 2012 elections." I don't know if that's true or not, but I'm certain beyond any reasonable doubt that Jensen hopes it is.

Public works

THANK you very much to the storm-water crew from the Public Works Department. These guys are working all hours trying to contain as much of this water as possible. You have a hard job. I hope you know you are appreciated.

Let prisoners help

I also think inmates should be used to help sandbag. Nonviolent men and women such as probation violaters could help fight back the floodwaters and ease some of the burden of the flood victims. Maybe the prisoners' jail board fines could be reduced to ease some of the burdens of their families as well. North Carolina had the right idea after the tornado destruction in that state.

Special doctor

WE agree with the person who commented about a wonderful physician who recently passed away, Dr. Dale Blankenship. Without him I could not have raised my two children. He was so kind and caring. We first met him in 1965 when we moved to Cape Girardeau and his office was on Broadway. Then he moved to Doctors' Park. When he retired, we were glad for him but missed him very much. I hope his family knows just how special he was.


SOMEONE recently gave principals a hard time in Speak Out because they allegedly don't have anything to do with student achievement. This is not true. We are most fortunate in Southeast Missouri where principals spend 75 to 90 percent of their time in the classroom rigorously evaluating teachers and consistently giving them constructive feedback as to how they can improve their techniques so as to lead to better student performance.

Certificate release no help

TRUMP really thinks he has done something since they have put out the President's birth certificate. That doesn't do one thing to help the country. It hasn't cut the debt. It hasn't put people to work.

Birth certificate

WITH the release of the President's birth certificate, 43 percent of Republicans have been shown to be fools.

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