St. Mary Girl Scouts Receive Religious Award

St. Mary Girl Scouts--Front Row L-R: Jaci Keusenkothen, Carissa Schloss, Lauren Landewee, Lindsey Landewee, Taylor Emmendorfer; Back Row L-R: Haley Stone, Audrey Salter, Mary Dirnberger, Alora Smith, and Hailey Kutz; Bishop James Vann Johnston, Jr. (Not pictured Emma McGee and Delaney Shaffer)

On April 28, a special Awards Ceremony was held at Old St. Vincent's Church in Cape Girardeau. Bishop James Vann Johnston, Jr. Sixth Bishop of the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese officiated the ceremony. He presented Religious Award Medals to a number of Girl Scouts who completed their official religious recognition program of the Roman Catholic Church.

Second Grade Girl Scouts from St. Mary Cathedral of the Annunciation in Cape Girardeau completed "The Family of God" activity series. This series complements the catechetical efforts of the parish and families for children preparing for the reception of their first Eucharist. Cathy Schloss and Jennifer Landewee, Troop Leaders, supported the following girls who completed their requirements: Mary Dirnberger, Taylor Emmendorfer, Jaci Keusenkothen, Hailey Kutz, Lauren Landewee, Lindsey Landewee, Emma McGee, Audrey Salter, Carissa Schloss, Delaney Shaffer, Alora Smith, and Haley Stone.

Religious award programs are created by the various religious groups to encourage girls to grow stronger in their faith. Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) recognizes these programs and allows the recognition to be worn on the official uniform, but each religious organization develops and administers its own program. Religious awards are optional programs for girls to complete with the help of their families and religious leaders. Girls must obtain the specific booklet for their religion. If you or your Girl Scout Troop is interested in learning more about religious awards, contact your religious organization directly. You can also find more information at