Commerce MO flooding situation

Sunday, May 1, 2011
View of of a barge as it goes up river despite record flood level on Sunday.

From Commerce MO. The flood waters from the Mississippi continue to rise. The community contiues to reel from its devistaion. The water is higher than in both 1993 and 1995. There are two residences that have been evacuated. Sandbags are added daily in an attempt to protect one of them. This effort is thwarted daily as barges contine to go by. The wake from them shakes the soil under the home and the waters lap over the top of the sandbaged walls. The Corps of Engineers has been requested to stop the barges yet they continue. It is reported that south of Commerce the wake from the barges is also affecting the integrity of the levee. Local farmers there fear that if the barge traffic continues that this levee will be breached. The Commece Museum sandbaged walls have also been topped today. Thankfully, the National guard is posted on State Highway E and the town is closed to those who are not residents. The last sandbags for the night have been picked up from Benton. The sandbag team here is working into the night to save the Museum. (8:00 pm)

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