His death was the beginning of a long journey

Monday, May 2, 2011
His death was the beginning of a long Journey

Claryville, Missouri was once a great city that was located across the Mississippi River from Chester, Illinois. Countless times over the years the area experience flooding from the rising waters of the Mississippi River, but they returned and rebuilt. The town's population at his height was barely over one hundred people. The ferry that was located in this great city transported trains to other side of the river and people. It also was the location where the mighty Pack Boats landing to unload and load cargo that had to be transported to other towns that sat along the river. It was the farmland, the Packet boats, the ferry and the love they shared that made this land a place that the citizens kept returning to and rebuilding after the floods. The death of this town came after the Chester Bridge was built and the great flood of 1927.

My family lived in Claryville and later moved to Perryville after the great flood when a sand boil ate a hole under the levee and flooded this great town. Over the following years my parents moved to Illinois, As a child I always enjoyed the Stories that I heard and read in the Southeast news paper and after returning to the area. I wrote a book that thats starts in Vietnam and travels back in time to the early nineteern hundreds in Claryville I found it necessary to thank the people of Perryville and the Southeast Missouri for sharing their memories that made the book possible. The book will be on sale at Amazon and e-books by May 7 and it book stores with in a few months.

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