Speak Out 5/1/11

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tea party

I'D like to address the person who said tea partiers are trouble makers. Tea partiers want: A) America to be a more self-sufficient country; B) Export more than we import; and C) Have less government and taxes. More government means more taxes. Do we really need more failure to pay for?

Chain reaction

IT'S all about gas prices. If gas goes down, the price of food goes down, the price of everything goes down because it's all about gas prices. If they're up, the price of everything else goes up. We need to drill here and drill now. We need more nuclear plants. We need less reliance on foreign oil. And we also need more refineries. We haven't built a refinery in 30 years.

Paying off deficit

I'M a senior citizen who lives on Social Security and an annuity from my late husband's retirement. As of January, they started holding $35 more per month of federal withholding tax out of annuity check. If they did that to everybody at my income level and above, that certainly should help pay off the budget deficit.

Taking advantage

AFTER listening to our president recently, he commented that he was going to make sure that the oil industry was not taking advantage of the American people. That probably is a good start. Another good start, I believe, would be taking a look at Congress. We have Congress taking advantage of the working people in the United States. We've got governors and other politicians who are fueling their jets to cruise around the country and charging the taxpayers for it.

Tea party response

IN response to the person who said the tea party people have too much time on their hands and that they're just trouble makers: They're the ones paying the bills. You show me someone that dislikes the tea party people and I'll show you a government check in the wood pile somewhere. These tea party people are the ones keeping the country going. Of course, we're mad. Look what they're doing to our country. We're almost paying $5 a gallon for gasoline, and tomatoes are almost $4 a pound.

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