Speak Out 5/2/11

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ditch problem

THIS is concerning the city of Advance, Mo. The mayor refuses to clean out the ditches along side the road to keep the water from accumulating in yards, and I'm wondering if somebody else is having the same problem. If so, I hope that everybody calls city hall and tries to change the mayor's attitude.

Be real

I'M an independent voter, so I think that I can complain about things that I don't like with regard to Democrats and Republicans. In a recent Southeast Missourian Speak Out section under "Debt plan," this person said that the Republicans don't want to raise taxes on the rich and they shouldn't mess with the safety net of Medicare and Medicaid. Why do people think that Republicans want to reduce seniors to homelessness? Be real. If Democrats weren't spending so much money, they wouldn't have to try to find ways that we may not agree with to save our country.

Pray to stop rain

IT'S time to call for prayer for it to stop raining. I know a lot of times we call for rain. I think now we need to call for prayer to stop the rain.

Great job

I'D like to comment on the meteorologists on KFVS12, in particular Bob Reeves and John Dissauer. I would like to say thank you to them for bringing us all the updates on the weather. They've been doing an excellent job, as they always do.

Questionable policies

I hear all the time that it's wrong to tax the rich because they are the ones who create jobs. I also hear that if the taxes are lowered on the wealthy, that money will be returned to us in jobs. If that's true, why didn't we see fantastic growth in the economy during the Bush years?


I'D like add a little bit to the fact that the President called for an investigation of most gas companies. He needs to do the same thing for the utility companies. I think the utility companies need to be investigated. I think they're doing the same thing the gas companies are doing.

Tipping carriers

I sure hope you have tipped your paper carrier lately. They drive in all types of weather and endless miles to go around floodwaters to get you your fine reading materials.

No issue with Welker

MY response to those of you complaining about the Cape Girardeau public schools superintendent's plan to retire for a month: He worked many years to earn his retirement. He is entirely within legal and ethical bounds to use his retirement money any way he sees fit.

GOP turn

REMEMBER how Democrats got the business last summer in town hall meetings for passing the Affordable Health Care Act. Now Republicans are deservedly facing the wrath of their constituents for (among other things) voting to end Medicare.

Tough times

I was just wondering what these senators and congressmen think about us old people. I'm 82 years old and I barely get enough to live on.

Levee issue

IT makes absolutely no sense for the Corps of Engineers to intentionally blow up a levee on the west side of the Mississippi in Missouri in order to help the city of Cairo, Ill., which is on the Ohio River and considerably east of the place the Corps of Engineers wants to blow up the levee. The flood would already have flowed past Cairo before it got to this new breach in the levee that the corps wants to artificially create. It doesn't make sense, and we should not blow up a levee in an earthquake zone.

GOP plan

WELL the Republican Party will never be satisfied until they get Medicare and Social Security privatized so the poor people can pay twice as much out of their pocketbook to the big insurance companies. The Republicans don't offer a cut in entitlements on the federal employees or the military retirees. It all comes down to Medicare and Social Security.

Legal vs. ethical

I think Mr. Welker, the superintendent of the Cape Girardeau Public Schools, needs to look up in the dictionary the difference between the words legal and ethical and maybe the school board members do too, because there's a big difference.

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