Speak Out 4/26/11

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Focus on teachers

WHEN it comes to schools, the media gives way too much attention to administrators such as superintendents, principals and others. Frankly, emerging data now shows that they have little if any effect on the quality of education in a school, and what really matters is the quality of the teacher in the classroom.

Poor health care

OBAMACARE supporters should know that their care will soon be just like the VA. I have been suffering since September of last year, and I am just now getting my first tests run. So far they know absolutely nothing. Hope I don't die before they figure it out.

Trump and Limbaugh

IT devastates me to say it, but the Republican Party as currently constituted deserves the likes of Donald Trump and David Limbaugh.

Rockwell party

THE Republican Party has deviated so far from the party of Abraham Lincoln that it has become the party of George Lincoln Rockwell.

Signing up?

WHERE do we go to sign up for the new free health care plan that was passed by the Democrats? I have heard no instructions on how to sign up since it was passed.

High taxes

WHY is it that Cape Girardeau has such high tax rates when compared with the rest of Missouri's cities? You would think that a city that has blessed the nation with conservative propagandists, especially when it comes to taxes, would have some of the lowest rates in the country.

Military budget waste

According to Paul Ryan, back in 2008 there was massive waste in the military spending budget. In Paul Ryan's recent budget proposal, zero dollars are getting cut from the military budget. Thank you, Mr. Obama for ridding the military budget of all that waste.

Class envy

COLUMNIST Mike Jensen recently wrote in part, "Sadly, I am not among the super rich." I feel the same way, Mike. We both suffer from class envy.

Jensen column

MIKE Jensen knows his assertion that 45 percent of Americans pay no taxes is one whale of a whopper. What he means is that entities like GE and others who receive tax exemptions and deductions pay no federal income tax. For example, of the 45 percent Jensen alleges pay no taxes, half of that group pay more payroll tax than they receive. And then, there's the sales tax that we all pay.

Retirement plan

SHAME on the Cape Girardeau School Board and superintendent for their game playing. Mr. Yoakum said that the intent of the law was that you actually retire. The Cape Girardeau School Board and superintendent have already worked out a plan for him to retire, take his PLSO and then return to work after a month. Doesn't really sound like he's retiring, does it?

Great show

"The Aluminum Show" at the River Campus was fabulous! Great job on bringing that show to Cape Girardeau. We're so lucky to have the River Campus!

Flat tax

FLAT tax proponents think it is fair for a meager income earner to pay the same percentage of taxes as a gazillionaire. It's sad that flat tax advocates are blinded to the fact that their view is vicious and insidious and should require public apologies.

Approval ratings

REPUBLICAN Speaker of the House John Boehner's approval ratings are dropping like a lead balloon. I'm no political scientist, but I would wager that the reason is because he is leading his party over a cliff in suggesting that budgetary woes best be dealt with by socking it to seniors and the sick.

Local comparison

WILL someone please explain the fine line that exists between what our superintendent just did with the consent of the school board and what the CEOs on Wall Street did and have been vilified and excoriated for doing?

Two-prong problem

IT's not an either-or problem. We have a spending and a revenue problem.

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