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Bankruptcies filed through March for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Shands, Gabriel J. and Pamula F.10181
Swann, Linda F.10217
Fulbright, Jimmie K. and Dana J.10247
Mouser, Dennis D. and Heather P.10253

Butler County

Wethington, Debra D.10188
Rushing, Michael T. and Tammy M.10207
Craft, Dana10208
Armstrong, James W. and Margaret A.10209
Jay, Morgan L.10233
Sprick, Michael M. and Carmela D.10242
Kelso, Betty J.10255
Spain, Joshua M. and Kristen N.10257
Beckham, Gary L. and Deanna K.10288
Wilson, David P. and Beatrice L.10300
Elliott, Coy L.10303
Willis, Kevin S.10305
Tidwell, Kevin W. and Tanya M.10310
Law, Jimmie L. and Victoria10311
Larson, James F. and Romona J.10320
Campbell, Mack L.10322
Crow, David A. and Tina L.10325

Cape Girardeau County

Robinson, Steven L.10169
Govero, Brian K. and Jennifer L.10170
Canull, Carl D. and Amy D.10172
Williams, Johnny and Donna J.10182
Brock, Chandra10183
McFarland, Jean A.10185
Tosarello, Jon R.10186
Kunefke, Felicia D.10189
Reynolds, Gerald W. and Mary L.10192
Laudie, Jennifer A.10193
Talley, Sammy D.10194
Reynolds, Ryan C.10195
Larry, Jessica M.10210
Fahnestock, Amy C.10212
Luttrull, Perry R. and Sheila A.10213
Gaffari, Jamarri A. and Whitney Lenita M.10221
Marshall, Mark L.10235
Sterling, Lorrie A.10236
Yeargain, Robert W. and Donna J.10237
Durham, Lana A.10239
Jaco, Edward H.10243
Bollinger, Terry D.10244
Ray, David L.10245
Thomas, Tracey E. and Christina L.10246
Lewis, Jill J.10249
Jones-Grigsby, Michelle L.10252
Scaggs, Kenneth R. and Jennifer A.10256
Banken, Miranda D.10264
Barberis, David H.10268
Miller, Richard J. and Kimberly K.10270
Owens, Andrew D. and Mekisha R.10271
Wunderlich, Katherine D.10272
Hodges, Dodie E.10283
Burke, Robert D. and Patricia S.10284
Verhines, Jeremy R. and Amelia C.10285
Motley, Sandra K.10287
Stinnett, Felicia D.10289
Sides, Cornelious R.10290
Winters, Claudia J.10291
Perry, Shelia R.10292
Trickey, Jerry L.10293
Brown, Jamie L.10296
Scroggins, David R. and Roma Ann L.10297
Gray, Charles T. and Sheri B.10298
Spane, Lowell G.10308
Blaylock, Christopher P. and Patricia K.10312
Sander, Shelia R.10313
Sample, Alicia D.10315
Pruitt, Cynthia L.10319

Carter County

Brawley, Glenda K.10282

Dunklin County

Parks, Mary J.10178
Neal, Charles L. and Holly M.10199
Bennett, Vernon R.10203
Meeker, Robert A. and Trina G.10204
Rankin, Charles R.10205
Hodges, Gaylon W.10226
Goodman, Donnie R. and Brenda S.10248
Wright, Hershel10258
Bush, James M.10260
Nevill, Julie S.10294
McCormick, Jackie L.10302
Calder, Jimmy D. and Sandra J.10316
Harris, Bobby K.10317
Rowton, Everette M.10323

Madison County

Adams, Joseph E.10215

Mississippi County

Sager, Saul X. and Erica10216
Lewis, Billy R.10224
Allen, Charline10228
Bryant, Betty A.10265
Smith, Monica L.10269
Naile, Gayle R.10275

New Madrid County

Miller, Bryan L. and Beverly D.10223
Burton, Marva A. Davis10229
Sutton, Matthew B. and Jaime A.10240
Williams, Sydney M.10251
Nolen, Clyde A. and Kimberly M.10276
Proffer, Darin J. and Charlene10279

Pemiscot County

Branham, Ronald H. and Jennifer A.10200
Burke, Jason D.10201
Davis, Bobby L. and Tonya M.10202
Borders, Jerry G. and Cora L.10220
Burkeen, Timmy R. and Melanie L.10225
Williams, Delores10238
Quick, John A.10259
Flowers, Ethel B.10261
Truss, Joyce A.10262

Perry County

Hurt, Angela M.10187
Muench, Andrew J. and Jessica L.10230
Corse, Richard D.10306
McClure, Charlotte J.10307

Reynolds County

Hampton, Treva L.10176
Buford, Robert W. and Pamela J.10234
Parker, Shirley M.10280

Ripley County

Godwin, Anthony R. and Pam10180
Oliver, Caroline L.10206
Leonard, Bobby S. and Carolyn F.10219
Williams, Matthew W. and Larissa M.10254

Scott County

Triplett, Derick A. and Rebecca L.10168
Grubbs, David W. and Denise D.10171
Huckstep, Chad G. and Cara L.10177
Ginther, Jason T. and Deanna L.10179
Robertson, Charles Franklin L.10184
Nichols, Carl and Paula R.10191
Raines, Tommy B. and Barbara L.10197
Standridge, Amy M.10211
Kirk, David W. and Tasha D.10214
Whitehorn, Susan L.10227
McFall, Darren A. and Tonya R.10263
Bristol, Crystal G.10266
Smith, Shari M.10267
Burlison, Charles E. and Nikki N.10273
Lott, Kornelia C.10274
Fakes, Richard C.10278
Toon, James Michael D. and Tammy R.10286
Reed, Charles A.10295
Gates, Edward D. and Willie M.10304
Bond, Brandon G. and Tabitha A.10309
Boswell, John D. and Carie B.10314

Stoddard County

McLard, Starlin T. and Robbie C.10173
Noles, Bonnie J.10174
Spencer, Roderick C.10175
Wallace, James L. and Cherie L.10196
Burkhart, Marcella J.10198
Palmer, Jimmy R. and Connie F.10231
Froman, Mitchell L. and Tammy E.10232
Hayes, Jennifer10250
Kirkman, John A.10277
Horner, Lex J. and Patricia R.10299
Harper, Jerry W. and Trista J.10301
Helm, Larry G.10318
Smith, Debra C. Noland10324

Wayne County

Vernon, Gene A.10190
Barnes, Tex and Wilma E.10218
Fraga, Benjamin F. and Cynthia J.10241
Gentles, Darin W.10281
Estes, Kenneth L. and Eupha M.10321
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