Hoover Center Visits Azalea Farm

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Hoover Center Visits the Azalea Farm (Pinecrest) near Oak Ridge

The Hoover Center participants enjoyed a field trip to the Pie Bird Cafe in Fruitland and the Pinecrest Azalea Farm near Oak Ridge on April 7. Many beautiful trees and daffodils were in bloom, but they were about two weeks early for the Azaleas to be in bloom. Pictured above are those who attended: L to R: Brenda Stone, Barbara Warren, Ida Mitchell, Violet Crain, Bessie Wills, Bernice Hartman, Cherie Herbst (Director), Sandy Whitledge, Mary Bizzell, Norma Dawes, Kelty Lufcy (Gerontology Student), Anita Hahs (Hoover Administrator), and Louise Gann.

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