Speak Out 4/12/11

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cruise control

THE price of gas is going up. People are wanting to conserve. I'll tell you how you can really save a lot. Use your cruise control. That will save you a bundle of gas on the highways. Whenever I drive from here to St. Louis, I pass a lot of people and they're not using their cruise control. When it rains I can't use it, but when I can use it I use a lot less gasoline.

Tanning dangers

I would like to make a comment on all these health care professionals claiming how much the health care costs are for people that smoke. What about suntanners? I know two ladies that ended up getting cancer on their faces and it spread to their eyes. Surely that can't be any cheaper than lung cancer.

Dress code

I commend Scott City, the parents and the school board for reaching an agreement on the dress code issue. If you want professionalism, you must encourage it. The students will benefit from it. I would like to see Jackson move to that limit and enforce it. Teachers must dress accordingly as well. There's no need for anybody to wear flip flops to school.

Costly ventures

SOUTHEAST Missouri State University somehow found enough money to partner with the city to make a new Broadway and a huge front door. Surprise, tuition went up. Now Southeast wants to partner with a hotel company to build a hotel, and where will the money come from? You guessed it, tuition. Who supports these ventures?

Unions' demise

WITH the way things are going, unions will be dead in this country soon. Then we will return to the workplace of the 19th century. Say goodbye to work safety and child labor laws.

Child president

TO the person who was criticizing George Bush because he spent too much on HIV in Africa, we are testing out your theory that a child could do some good with unlimited funds. We have elected a child and given him unlimited funds. He has spent more money than all the other presidents combined. No good results yet.

At-risk students

I challenge the public and board of education to ask for specific at-risk programs that are being implemented at the junior high and middle school levels. Students do not become at-risk and drop out in high school. They become at-risk of failing at a much younger age. Why aren't there at-risk classrooms at the elementary and middle school levels?

Planned Parenthood

I cannot believe in 2011 there are still some groups that would speak out against Planned Parenthood. Women are so fortunate to live today where we have so many options. It makes me sad that someone would want to take us back to the 1940s -- I'll call it the dark ages -- when we didn't have choices and we didn't have the contraceptives that are now available.

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