Cape Girardeau man's murder trial may be delayed until late 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Allen Walker Jr.

A jury may not be called in until late this year to hear the case against Allen Walker Jr., a Cape Girardeau man charged in connection with the death of his infant son, Circuit Court Judge Benjamin F. Lewis said Monday at Walker's court hearing.

Walker's jury trial was first postponed March 21 after he asked Lewis for time to hire new counsel. He was found to be eligible for a public defender Monday, despite objections from Chris Davis, an area public defender.

Lewis overruled Davis' objections, which were based on the fact that Walker had previously hired a private lawyer.

Walker was charged in August with child endangerment and second-degree murder after his 7-week-old son died at a St. Louis hospital of severe injuries to his head. Walker has told police that a Pack-and-Play fell on the child, but medical professionals have told the court many of the injuries couldn't have been caused by that incident.

Walker asked to hire a new lawyer at his March hearing because he said his St. Louis lawyer, Michelle McMahon, wasn't properly doing her job.

McMahon disagreed in a motion filed with the court and claimed that she'd only received $2,000 for her work as Walker's attorney. She'd requested the family pay $10,000 for her legal services, which she told the court was half of what she first proposed to the family.

Davis asked Lewis to set a new court date in two weeks so he has time to review the case and determine a realistic time to go to trial.

He said he'd also be talking with Walker's former lawyer.

"We will probably be looking at a trial substantially later this year," Lewis said.


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