Hearts Up Ranch Event April 11th at River Campus

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Couple's Horseback Journey Across America to Stop in Cape on Monday

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What in the world would compel someone to ride horseback from California to Washington DC, stopping in Cape Girardeau, in route?

In the case of husband and wife team, Richard and Jeannette McGrath, it's to raise awareness and funds for the Hearts Up Ranch, a serene, working ranch located in Jackson, WY where emotionally broken people can find peace with both the world and themselves once again.

Richard and Jeannette have seen lives transformed in their work and know that there are lots of others that they could be helping as well. That's why they've embarked on this cross country journey hoping to find lots of helping hands and open hearts along the way; including some in the Cape Girardeau area.

"We decided to make this ride because we knew that we would find good and caring people across America; people that would be willing to help others put their lives back together again, " said Richard. Jeannette added, " In today's world, there's so much isolation; so many people who think that the world is just a cold and uncaring place. When we introduce them to the serenity of our ranch and they spend time in the outdoors and with our horses, suddenly the world becomes different, warmer, better. I like to think of it as a miracle of nature."

This Monday, April 13, Jeannettte and Richard will ride from Gordonville where they are staying and stop at the River Campus lawn for a media event at 11:00 am. Members of the Cowboy Church in Fruitland will be joining them on their ride through Cape. Mayor Harry Rediger will present them with a proclamation welcoming them to our community and wishing them well on the rest of their journey. At noon they will depart across the Mississippi River bridge and continue on their Journey.

For more information about the Hearts Up Ranch and to find out how you can help including making a donation, log on to: heartsupranch.com.

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