Speak Out 4/8/11

Friday, April 8, 2011

Foul language

DON'T know when I heard such foul language in a high school play. The students even used the F-word. Thank you, Cape Girardeau Central High School, for influencing our students in such a positive way.

Bike trail

WHY waste all the money on this bike trail when there are so many other things to use the money on that would have a real purpose? Do you really want your child riding on a bike trail on Lexington or Cape Rock? I don't think so.

Earsplitting noise

IF we want to stop excessive noise in Cape Girardeau, then we should ban the earsplitting noise continually emanating from the likes of David Limbaugh and other right-wing extremists consistently published in the Southeast Missourian.

Oppressed people

IS Karl Marx being belatedly vindicated, as there is an ever increasing uprising of oppressed people all over the world?

RX problem

I want to congratulate the Cape Girardeau City Council for the pseudoephedrine ban. Now that reality has set in that it's not going to stop meth, those of us who need the medication can't get it. You would have an easier time getting a doctor to write a prescription for OxyContin than Sudafed. I can't believe the city council caved in to the SEMO Drug Task Force.

Play language

CONGRATULATIONS to the cast of Central High School's production of Neil Simon's "Rumors." It was a great performance. That said, the inappropriate content for a school-sponsored event was surprising, with high school students mixing and drinking cocktails in the play and using such foul language. It seems like the script could have been modified to make this show more family-friendly. I'm glad my student is not in Red Dagger. I would not want my child on stage before an audience using language like that.

Social Security

I see where the federal government has again punished the people and honored themselves. They've decided for the coming year there will be no Social Security increase, but last year they did permit a law that in effect gave them an automatic raise unless they vote against it.

Lexington noise

SOMETHING needs to be done about the loud vehicles that travel on Lexington Avenue. A lot of them do not go by the city ordinances. Not just the loud music, but most of all vehicle exhaust noise. If those people lived on Lexington and many of the other busy streets in Cape Girardeau, perhaps they would understand and hear why people are complaining.

Sports coverage

IN response to the "Women's sports" Speak Out comment, the reason women's sports get your so-called "shaft" is because they don't have as much of a following. You can't deny large-scale demographic statistics. More people watch and follow men's sports than they do women's sports.

Voting mistake

OVER the last couple of years I've realize a lot of things about our economy, about the direction this country is going, and about all the problems we have. But one thing I realize more than anything, I really and truly believe I made a mistake by voting for President Obama.

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