Letter to the Editor

City of bountiful gardens

The Southeast Missourian story regarding the completion of the Shawnee Park Center (March 30) highlighted a man whom we are proud to know.

Robert Harris is a genuine caring man committed to giving his heart to this community and to its young people. He is a man of strong faith and he shares his faith in the gardens he plants and the good works he does throughout the community.

He sees a neglected vacant lot as a lush green garden providing fresh produce to the people in the community, some who may not have the extra money to buy it from the supermarket. He doesn't have government grants or organized fundraising experience, but what he does have is a lot of love and goodness in his heart which pours out and shows itself in what he does in his community.

If Robert could, he would have every vacant lot in Cape Girardeau planted with produce waiting for harvest. Come to think about it, that may not be a bad idea at all. It sure beats mowing them all during the summer. We could become home of the bountiful gardens in addition to the city "where the river turns a thousand tales." I bet the church food pantries around town would help distribute.

Thank you, Robert, for all you do. It will be great to see more "Roberts" coming along as a result of your loving deeds.

The Robert Harris Center at Shawnee Park. It's worth some thought.

GERALD L. JONES, Cape Girardeau