Speak Out 3/28/11

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gene Lyons

I get a real kick out of Gene Lyons. It doesn't bother me to read about somebody ignorant. But he says they need to look for a Democratic Glenn Beck. Listen, they've tried this. Didn't you hear of Air America? They tried it; nobody listens to a liberal Glenn Beck.

Clean living

MANY citizens in Cape Girardeau keep their home neat, clean and safe. But some nice neighborhoods do not. Many folks in lower-valued homes do a better job with what they have.

Respect issue

A few years ago, my son was involved in the court system. I told him before his first appearance before the judge to look neat and to look the judge in the eyes when addressing him. I also told him to address the judge, as "yes, your honor" and "no, your honor." What amazed me was the other people appearing before that same judge, dressing very casual, and the defendants answering the judge with "Huh?" and "Yeah." Don't people realize that man has their life in his hands?

GOP problems

THIS is in regards to the way people are making President Obama look like he's the one at fault. I think they ought to look on the other side of the fence. I think the Republicans are the ones causing all the issues. They were going to fix everything when they first got in office, and so far they haven't done anything yet but create more problems.

Women's sports

THROUGHOUT the year, I have noticed (not this year, but numerous times in the past) that women's sports continually get the so-called shaft. Who gets the headlines? Almost invariably the men's teams.

Cigarette butts

THIS is for all the people that drive north on Perryville Road: Please slow down and please stop throwing your cigarette butts out the windows. Our front yards look like ash trays. How would you like hundreds of cigarette butts thrown in your yard?

Circus animals

BOYCOTT circuses that still use animals. For animals in the circus there is no such thing as a positive reinforcement, only punishment and deprivation from full hooks to shackles. You can help save elephants, bears and tigers from a sad life of torment by always choosing animal-friendly entertainment.

Dry county

SINCE Cape Girardeau is trying to ban everything, why don't we ban alcohol as well? Alcohol does damage just as much as cigarettes. Alcohol kills people while they're driving. I've never heard of anybody killing anyone while smoking cigarettes. Let's make Cape Girardeau a dry county.

Nuclear problem

AFTER the problem with the nuclear reactors in Japan, I am more against nuclear power than ever. We need to move toward using clean energy like the hydro dams, wind generators and other alternative fuels. Even dirty fossil fuel power is better than the radiation contamination that Japan is going through now. Please, no more nuclear power plants. They cause more problems that we can handle.

Education, not sports

IF the schools do not have enough money to transport the students back and forth to school, where do they come up with the money to take them to all these sporting events? School is about education, not about sports.

Alley on DWTS

SO Kirstie Alley is on "Dancing with the Stars" and everybody's saying that she's got a problem with her weight. I don't see a problem. The only problem I see is she has bad hair and she's not funny.

Fox and Beck

QUESTION: What can one learn by watching Fox News and Glen Beck? Answer: Hate. Pure, unadulterated hate.

Where's Bush?

IF our President wasn't so incompetent, he would do something to get the price of gasoline down for us. Where is President Bush when we need him?

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