Letter to the Editor

Your life is worth living

Monday, March 28, 2011

As I began to read my paper recently one morning I gasped at the headline of the suicidal woman. My family experienced the devastation of suicide five years ago. We'll remember that day for the rest of our lives and always ask the question "why?" Left behind were a 2-year-old daughter, a spouse, parents, siblings and many family members.

I feel compelled to tell everyone contemplating suicide that someone does care. No doubt life is difficult at times, but there is help available to people when they feel life is not worth living. Suicide is not the answer for anyone. Reach out to a loved one, a minister, friend, teacher, school counselor, anyone. Just reach out for help! Help is available.

There is no closure for the family left behind from suicide. They are left with the emptiness and guilt of not seeing any warning signs. The suicidal person does not think about the consequences for their family after this act.

The Fischers should be commended for their actions! I give them the highest praise for their intervention. Mr. Fischer was so right in telling her there was no reason to kill herself. Again, someone did care!

My message is simple and from the heart to anyone considering suicide: Please, please do not do this. There is help available. All you have to do is ask. Your life is worth living, you are a loved person, and we want you in our lives every day!

God loves you and so do others. You are important to us!