Letter to the Editor

Whittling away rights

Monday, March 28, 2011

I would like to respond to all of the nanny-state people who want to ban smoking in Cape Girardeau. I'm a smoker, but I don't smoke in restaurants out of respect to others -- even if smoking is allowed. What I'm getting at is the loss of freedom these individuals are proposing that we as Americans should give up to further their vision of what they think America should look like. No thanks!

If tobacco is so bad, then ban it like marijuana, and watch the thieving politicians scream bloody murder from the drop in tax revenue like they are in liberally run states that have raised taxes so much that people are quitting or are buying the product on the black market. Remember prohibition?

Big government lackeys always try to sell the loss of freedom to the fact that it is for the common good. Sounds to me like Marxism, controlling the population. Just listen to some Democrats in Congress in their own words. Look it up for yourself. With the new media they can't hide what they think and say anymore. You people who want more regulation are whittling away at our Constitutional rights. Enough already. Leave me alone and impose your wanted regulations on yourself.