Letter to the Editor

Time to reclaim America

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It is time someone gave a rebuttal to David Limbaugh's continual indictments of the Democrats. In a recent column, Limbaugh said, "Senate Republicans, following the House plan, proposed $61 billion in cuts for the current year, while Senate Democrats proposed a paltry $6.5 billion." This proves the Republicans do not understand the problem or know what to do about it.

In 2008 George W. Bush had a $696 million trade deficit and increased spending (TARP) to "prevent a complete meltdown of the economy." Job losses increase in direct proportion to cuts in spending. Third-grade arithmetic will tell you that a $61 billion cut in spending will cost Americans about another two million jobs.

The real problems are globalization and the disparity between the rich and the poor. We have priced ourselves out of the global market. We now have $160.9 billion in imports and $124.9 billion in exports. So $36 billion of our printed or borrowed money is going out of the country. This has to stop.

The Republicans have voted against every Democratic bill that would remove tax loopholes and subsidies to large corporations who have moved their manufacturing outside the U.S.

In regard to the disparity problem, We now have 7,800,000 millionaires in the U.S. Of that figure, 980,000 have more than $5 million and more than 400 have $1 billion or more. Republicans also voted down the Democratic tax bill which would not have extended their tax break.

Republicans need to change their "help the rich get richer" policies.