Letter to the Editor

Tea partiers going too far

The people of Southeast Missouri should not be misled by anti-tax, anti-public service tea partiers.

The original tea partiers in 1773 objected to a tax going to a foreign country. They had no votes or say about anything. Many of the original tea party patriots spent bloody years fighting the British to win our independence.

Our first Constitution called for a weak central government. It didn't work out. Our Founding Fathers then enacted our great Constitution of 1787, creating a strong central government. This laid the framework for our great country.

The income tax was not created on a whim. First, Lincoln needed to pay for the costly Civil War. Later, the Republican Taft administration pushed for a Constitutional Amendment for a graduated federal income tax. States began doing the same. Other sources of funding simply weren't enough to meet our citizens' needs

When present day tea partiers attack our public servants, including teachers, they are going too far. Not all tax cuts are such a great idea. People don't want them if they cut services they need and expect. Everything from the military and FBI right down to our police department, fire department and ambulance service depends on our tax support.

Present day tea partiers aren't fighting to free us from a foreign power. They have it all wrong, and they should be careful what they wish for.

LEE FLOR, Marble Hill, Mo.