Who's Who 2011: Teresa Birk

Monday, March 21, 2011
Raelenna Ferguson and Teresa Birk (Photo by Kristin Eberts)

Birk makes her living as an outreach coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association Walk. Birk has traveled to Swaziland with co-nominee Raelenna Ferguson, and the two worked together to organize Celebrate HOPE and additional service trips to Africa. She is also involved with the Walk to End Alzheimer's committee; Lutheran Family and Children's Services; St. Paul Lutheran Church; Saxony Lutheran High School Booster Club; Heart for Africa and Celebrate HOPE. She is also a member of Tri-State Advertising & Marketing Professionals and Southeast Council on Philanthropy.

"If I had 10 extra hours a week, I would volunteer at a long-term care center visiting with seniors. These special people are so appreciative of the opportunity to share their stories and have someone spend time with them. Especially if there is an activity or dance going on, it brings them such delight just to have someone there. Those with Alzheimer's or dementia may not recognize you or may think you are someone else, yet it brings them happiness for the moment. I would spend more time giving back to those who have given for my generation and our future. If we take time to listen, there is so much we can learn."

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