Speak Out 3/20/11

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Limbaugh column

DAVID Limbaugh disappointed me. In a recently published column, he sidestepped the issue of President Obama's intentions on some issue. The reason I was disappointed by Limbaugh is that I have come to believe that he is the only person who has the admittedly uncanny ability to always ascertain the president's motives.

Bush's fault

IN the March 6 column, "Hoping the Democrats change," the writer said that the federal government spent more than $62.5 billion on 18 domestic food and nutritional assistant programs in 2008. He also wrote that in 2003 there were eight federal departments running 62 programs that provide transportation. Apparently the writer didn't realize that in 2003 and 2008 George W. Bush and his Republicans were running the government that was spending so much money.

First Lady's staff

WHEN Nancy Reagan was in the White House she had three secretaries to help her with her job. Michelle Obama has 43 people working for her. You got to wonder, does the queen bee deserve all of this? Shouldn't people be thinking about this when we are trying to save money?

Carter years

HIGH unemployment, high gas prices and increasing inflation. Is Jimmy Carter back in the White House?

A small minority

IT'S wrong to judge an entire religious group from the actions of a few of its extreme members. We're all Americans, no matter our religious affiliations. Therefore, anyone who takes a stand against all Christians based on the incendiary protest tactics of the Westboro Baptist Church is wrongly associating the majority with a small minority.

Smoke solution

I am surprised no one has even mentioned a very simple solution to the smoking/non-smoking issue, one that should satisfy all concerned whether they be pro or con. There are filtering systems that can remove smoke and other pollutants of all kinds inside cars, restaurants and elsewhere. That includes smoke from cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

Union truth

I am sick of reading these uninformed comments regarding the mean old Republican Party taking every dime of the middle class and giving it to the rich. Please get informed. These union dues are going to the rich union bosses who are demanding salaries that simply can't be afforded anymore. They have taken jobs out of this country because of the wages they demand.

Mardi Gras parade

CAPE Girardeau needs a Mardi Gras parade. They have one in St. Louis.

Hop to it

WHEN froggie wanted something, he hopped to it. When bunny wanted something, he hopped to it. If there is something you want, you got to hop to it.

Celebrity obsession

I am tired of all the television reporters talking about Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. Do we have nothing better to talk about?

Investing period

MY retirement and personal stock portfolios have gained more than 40 percent in value over the last two years. Could it be that companies that were squeezed at the beginning of this financial crisis in 2008 have become more efficient, thereby making reduced work forces the new norm? Businesses are clearly not hiring at levels equal to their increased profits. This is a great period for investors and executives.

Puppy mill vote

I'M about as conservative as they come, but a referendum vote is a referendum vote. I don't personally like the puppy mill bill, but my side lost. I'll deal with it. I don't want my representative or senator back-dooring this bill by some sleight of hand. If the anti-bill folks had done a better job of selling their side the bill would have been defeated.

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