Speak Out 3/15/11

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hate TV

QUESTION: What can one learn by watching MSNBC? Answer: Hate. Pure, unadulterated hate.

Driving impatience

I was sitting at a stoplight in Cape Girardeau recently, and when the light turned green, three cars that had a red light proceeded to go through the intersection. Luckily, the first car that could have gone on their green light didn't take off quickly. It could have turned into a dangerous situation. If you think you don't have time to stop for a red light, think how long it's going to take if you are in a wreck.

Dress code

MY child attends the Scott City School District. We just received a dress code letter for next year. I feel that if our children are given a list that says what they can and cannot wear, I want to see the dress code list for the faculty. I do not want the response "professional attire." Do they have to wear solid-colored shirts, collared shirts, etc.?

Street work

I hope city officials, when they make their plans on what they are going to do on Broadway, decides to widen the street as much as they can on each side. The sidewalks don't need to be as wide. People don't use them as much.

Ban obesity

ONCE we get a smoking ban in Cape Girardeau, then we should try to get obesity banned. This would be easy to do. First you put a scale in all the fast-food places and then the customer has to get on it. If the customer is overweight, then they are not allowed to buy french fries. Simple.

Union behavior

MY husband has been a member of a union for many years. When I see these union members all over the country -- especially in Wisconsin -- acting like thugs, it really embarrasses me and makes me feel ashamed that he is a member of a union.

City survey

IT appears that the city council believes that Cape Girardeau can just write a $20,000 check to satisfy the ideas of Mr. Meyer. This goes in line with the $40,000 spent by our CVB to tell us where the restroom signs should be placed. Suggestions: Forget the outside contractor, mail the survey and include a self-addressed postage-paid envelope.

Chamber position

CAPE Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce: You don't want intrusion on "private" property, yet you suggest that a better way to protect children is to ban smoking in the home. Does that make any sense?

Waste of money

AM I to believe that city officials are planning to spend $20,000 to poll citizens to determine what the city residents like or don't like about the way the city is being run? What a waste of taxpayer money. Why not put a notice in the paper soliciting opinions?

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