Letter to the Editor

Democracy vs. representative republic

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The United States was established by our Founders as a representative republic. If you are in doubt, read our Pledge of Allegiance. Initiative petitions usually result in unintended consequences. In too many cases they are funded by out-of-state organizations. It is almost impossible to educate thousands or millions of citizens on the possible outcomes. Our elected officials have an obligation to understand all the issues, and they still sometimes get it wrong. In the next election we can vote them out of office, and under Missouri law there are term limits.

I wonder if the voters on the puppy mill issue realized that the Humane Society of Missouri was not funding the project and actually opposed some of it. The initiative was bank rolled by an organization that was not part of the Humane Society of Missouri.

Did the millions of citizens of our state assess the possible damage of the minimum wage being raised above the federal minimum wage when all the surrounding states were following the federal minimum? Illinois is the exception with a wage that is $2,080 more than Missouri for full-time workers. Illinois makes it more difficult to enter the work force for teenagers and unskilled individuals.

Drive across the river from Missouri to Illinois and view the results of many years of unwise policies, huge deficits, high unemployment and poor schools -- just a few of Illinois' problems.

GLENN REEVES, Cape Girardeau