Kinder says he hopes Jay Nixon will be one-term Mo. governor

Sunday, March 13, 2011
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder speaks Saturday, March 12, 2011, during the Lincoln Day Celebration at The Plaza by Ray's in Cape Girardeau. Kinder was the keynote speaker during the celebration presented by the Cape Girardeau County Republican Women's Club. (Laura Simon)

While rumors persisted among the crowd at Saturday night's Lincoln Day Dinner, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder didn't make any announcement regarding running for governor in 2012. Kinder did say, however, he hoped that Gov. Jay Nixon would be a one-term governor.

Kinder said Nixon has taken a spectator approach to office, instead of actively protecting the state against job losses and harmful regulations.

"He's not about that," Kinder said. "He is about the perks of the jobs, the photo ops, the prime seats at sporting events and tax-funded airplane trips."

Kinder criticized Democratic lawmakers, particularly Wisconsin legislators who traveled to Illinois to avoid a vote, calling the move an act of a "cowardly cut-and-run caucus."

"I'd rather die than flee to Kansas," he said.

Kinder said one of the fundamental problems with Democratic leaders is they think they can make better decisions than private citizens.

"Anywhere you look at it, their plans have failed," he said. "In order to finish the job, we need another election like last year."

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt told the crowd of more than 250 that if Republicans want to shape the future of the country for the better, a strong showing in 2012 is necessary.

"This is the time we decide who we are going to be," Blunt said. "Our view of the future and their view of the future couldn't be more different."

Blunt pointed not only to health care and the energy policy but to deficit spending as differences between the two major parties.

"The government does have to pay its bills," he said.

U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson was unable to attend due to complications involving a recently fractured arm and sent senior strategist Josh Haynes in her place. Haynes discussed some of the challenges with redistricting areas into the 8th Congressional District that may not hold views in line with Cape Girardeau County's.

"You need to be evangelists to the rest of the district," he said.

Cape Girardeau County's four House representatives also spoke at the dinner sponsored by the Cape Girardeau County Republican Women's Club. Following the dinner's program, the Meritorious Service Award was given to Jackson Alderman David Hitt, the Tough Tusk Award was given to Treasurer Roger Hudson and the Bill Emerson Public Service Award was given to Kathy Jordan.


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