Speak Out 3/10/11

Thursday, March 10, 2011


IT'S that time of year when seniors in high school and college students will be applying for scholarships to pay for their college education. Please remember that the students who are receiving Pell Grants do not need extra money to pay for their tuition. It's the students that are not receiving the Pell Grant or other government aid that would very much appreciate funds to help pay for college.

Union insanity

IN a past column, Sam Blackwell said he considered the biased sheriff in Arizona to be a hero because he blasted the tea party conservatives. And in another column he talked about the Wisconsin governor. The Wisconsin governor was elected by the people to do a job, to get rid of this public union insanity.


THE unemployment is way up. The economy is in trouble. We're having all kinds of trouble with other countries. And our Congress is debating gay rights and whether to make prostitution legal or illegal.

Benefit bargaining

GENE Lyons certainly is named correctly -- he is lyin'. The union issue in Wisconsin is only about eliminating collective bargaining for benefits. They will still be able to bargain for wages.

Saying no

IN a recent Speak Out comment, the writer talked about the Republican party that always says no. If a few of these Democratic legislators would have said no, maybe our country wouldn't be in the financial mess we are in today.

Leaving town

I wish the Republican senators would have left Washington, D.C., and not voted on the health care bill like the people in Indiana and the Democrats in Wisconsin did on other issues. Maybe we wouldn't have had the bill.

Crisis response

THE greed on Wall Street and the big bankers are what started this crisis. And yet the Republican House members voted to give the top 2 percent another tax cut extension. If they were really serious about the deficit and balancing our budget, why not go after the ones who caused it and can afford to pay instead of the middle class?

Utility bills

I agree with the people in the news complaining about the high utility bills. Mine is ridiculously high. This needs to be looked into. People can't afford these high bills in today's economy. Please help.

Obama, gas prices

I sure wish President Obama would do something about the high gas prices. For eight years we were told that the president sets the price of gasoline. So it's time for Mr. Obama to act.

'Anything Goes'

I want to congratulate the director and all the vocal and dance coaches involved in "Anything Goes" at the River Campus. This cast was brilliant. They could go to the Fox Theatre and no one would know if they were professional or not. Everyone was in their right place and they did an excellent job. It was delightful.

Owners' rights

I do not smoke. However, I strongly support a restaurant owner's freedom to allow smoking in his or her place of business. You've heard it before. If you prefer a nonsmoking environment, it is your freedom to patronize those establishments and avoid the others. Business owners have a right, too.

Smoke pollution

IF the ordinance for not smoking in public is passed, it is only fair to prohibit wood-burning fireplaces. Burning leaves should also be banned. Talk about pollution. Try breathing that air.

Roller derby

THE recent roller derby event at the A.C. Brase Arena Building was great. What a great time for clean, family fun.

Prescription law

I am thrilled that Cape Girardeau has decided to require prescriptions for certain cold medications. Recently I had a prescription filled. In front of me were five healthy-looking college-age boys, all getting cold medication and all signing the log and showing their ID. They left in the same car.

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