Speak Out 3/9/11

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sales tax

I believe eliminating Missouri's state income tax and raising the sales tax would finally level the playing field for all taxpayers. I'm sick and tired of those who have the means to buy high-ticket items before April 15, only to deduct them through a loophole.

Pit bulls

WHAT will it take for people to stop breeding killer pit bulls? Where do they think the name comes from?

Government shutdown

IF there is a government shutdown, the first thing that should be shut down is Congress, as its members went two years and could only say no. They do not deserve their pay, period.

Rest stops

I think it is terrible that MoDOT is closing the rest stops along Interstate 55. We have made many trips to St. Louis, and the rest stops have been a godsend. If you have bladder problems, a rest stop is welcome. I am sure if you talk to the truck drivers they would agree they would rather have the rest stops rather than the extra parking spaces.

Sailing problems

IT is a shame that the four Americans who sailed into hostile waters were killed. I believe that the U.S. has enough to deal with without protecting those who knowingly leave friendly waters to follow their dreams.

Sales tax benefits

I like the idea of having a little larger sales tax and no income tax in Missouri. It would relieve people of a lot of tax paperwork. But you have to be careful about the details. Consumers in Missouri will likely want to go to other states that have a lower sales tax. Still, people from other states will want to find jobs in Missouri so they will have a lower income tax.

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