Central J High cheerleaders bring home trophy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Cape Central Junior High School cheerleaders recently traveled to Nashville, TN, to compete in the Jamfest National Cheerleading competition where they placed 4th with a final score less than .75 out of first place. Pictured above, in the back row, are Hannah Elledge-Glueck, Morgan Murphy and Courterra Stevenson. Middle row: Ayanna Askew, Amanda Webb, Hattie Madsen, Miccah Davis, Skylar Dennis, Shelby Wilkerson, Jayden Marra, Riley Knight (co-captain), Bella Sander (co-captain) and Betsy Gonzalez. Front row: Mackenzie Mitchell, Deja Reddin, Sierra Jones (captain), Amanda Evans (captain), Hanna Borders, Brooklyn Lintz, and Jonnie Ann Daniels. Coaches are Laura Gunn and Jessica Grandcolas.

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