Scott County man charged with firing shots outside Sikeston Walmart

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Percy Owens Jr.


The Standard Democrat reported Tuesday that police found differences in Owens' account of what happened and what was found on surveillance videos.

Sikeston Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. Jim McMillen noted that DPS immediately began looking into the claims of self defense, and located the other parties involved and questioned them, along with several other witnesses.

"In addition, police reviewed the parking lot surveillance video," said McMillen. "Mr. Owens was arrested and later charged after police found several discrepancies with his account of the incident."

Original story

SIKESTON, Mo. -- The man accused of firing a gun into the air at a Sikeston business on Friday now faces charges.

Percy Owens Jr., 28, of Haywood City, Mo., was charged Saturday with unlawful use of a weapon and discharging in public.

Owens posted the $2,500 bond and was later released.

Officers were called to the Sikeston Walmart just after 4 p.m. in reference to a subject in the parking lot who fired a pistol in the air.

He said that several men confronted him, and at least one person in the group displayed a weapon, which made him feel threatened.

Owens then pulled a pistol and fired a shot into the air, in an attempt to scare off the attackers, according to authorities.

The alleged attackers then left, and no one was injured.

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