Cape Girardeau County Commission discusses giving up control of emergency radio frequencies

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dick Knaup, Cape Girardeau County emergency management director, told county commissioners the state is asking the county to relinquish control of some of the county's radio frequencies in order to implement a radio system that would allow officials to communicate with each other, no matter their location.

Knaup said in order to keep the cost low, the state is asking counties to surrender total or partial control of some frequencies.

"They're going the cheapest possible route and want to have concurrence on our frequencies," he said.

Because the county would lose these frequencies, Knaup is trying to negotiate something from the state in return. He said the Sikeston, Mo., emergency management office was the system's pilot office, and it received a new radio system in exchange for some city frequencies. He is doubtful the county will receive anything as expensive as that, but he said he feels the county should receive something.

In other business

* Commissioners approved a budget adjustment allowing the transfer of up to $22,000 from the salary line item to the park improvement budget, which is currently $5,000, for the construction of a shelter at Cape Girardeau County Park North. The new shelter will replace shelter three.


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