Speak Out 3/7/11

Monday, March 7, 2011

Parking problem

TO the person who wrote about the cars in Jackson on Greensferry Road, you ought to try going down a few blocks over on Georgia Street where cars are parked on both sides of the street and you have to weave in and out of traffic. They need to put a no-parking sign on one side the street.

Lexington Ave.

CAPE Girardeau, face it. Lexington Avenue between Perryville Road and Cape Rock Drive is beyond repair. The money you spent on it having it milled was a huge waste. Everyday when I drive it their seems to be a new sinkhole. Just close it off, tear it up and rebuild it.

The truth

PEOPLE are seeing the truth now. The Republicans are trying to break the unions, take every dime the middle class and poor have and give it to the rich. Now people see there is a wide gap between the rich, middle and poor classes. The tax breaks for the rich have to go to help our country.

Capaha museum

SAW the comment on a museum at Capaha Park. Great idea. Families that are visiting patients at Southeast Hospital would have a place to go while they are waiting instead of sitting in the waiting rooms. Great idea. Hope the city leaders pay attention.

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