Letter to the Editor

Government's control

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today government touches everything in America and harms almost everything it touches. Federal, state and local governments together spend $42 out of every $100 a worker earns. Those who do the taxing and spending have long since ceased to work for the people who furnish them their good salaries and pampered benefits, which have filled them with condescension, arrogance and detachment from those of us who labor to fund their privileged lifestyle. Rather, they work for themselves and for their clients -- the education industry, the welfare culture and the public-employee unions. Socialism on parade.

It is time to abolish the income tax system through which our government exploits the ambitious, self reliant and responsible citizens. They now treat us as "slave labor" to fund their cockamamie social re-engineering fantasies, first initiated by Lenin and Stalin. All nations since who have fallen for this scheme have been nothing but dismal failures, bringing calamity upon the very people they exploit to rise to power. Those who buy into their big lie that "government" is looking out for the "little guy" and that "unions" are the salvation for the masses, are to be most pitied, and yet they are the most feared due to their ignorance and gullibility.

JOHN McMILLEN, Sikeston, Mo.