Wisconsin Senate Making Martyrs Out of Dems?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

As the protests over the collective bargaining priveledges of union workers continue, Wisconsin's State Senate approved a measure ordering the arrest and return of the 14 Democratic Senators who have gone AWOL in lieu of the potential, and likely, passing of the measure. However, the Republicans, numbering 19 in the Senate, have failed to see the breadth of the situation.

Elected officials such as these are chosen to represent the voice and will of their constituents. The Republicans brought forth this legislation, handed down from Governor Scott Walker, because they believed it was the best way to meet the budget woes Wisconsin is now facing, and that the move was in line with a majority of their constituents. The Democrats asked for compromise, but the Republicans wouldn't fold, as they knew full well that "compromise" would simply add back to the budget deficit. Like a child storming off and slamming his bedroom door in defiance of his parents, the 14 Democratic Senators ran away in protest.

Although the move was somewhat strategic in that it effectively heated up the protestors outside (and inside) the Capitol, it was otherwise foolish. Protest or not, these men and women are paid with taxpayer dollars to hold their post and serve the people. Again, foolishly, the Democrats forgot why they were there and packed up and headed out of state.

While there must be justice, and from that punishment, the Senators will return defiantly to Madison as heroes to their constituents instead of cowardly like dogs with their tails tucked between their legs as they should. Have the Republicans made martyrs out of the Dems unintentionally by ordering their arrest and return? Only time will tell. Until then, Wisconsin waits in gridlock.

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