Showing their spirit: Scott County Central High School cheerleaders

Thursday, March 3, 2011
Scott County Central cheerleaders (Fred Lynch)

Their coach calls them "small and mighty." That's as apt a description as any to describe the six-member Scott County Central High School varsity cheerleading squad. It's one of the smallest squads in the school's history. But coach Stacey Russell said these cheerleaders know how to compete and how to keep a crowd pumped up. Of course, it doesn't hurt to be cheering for a basketball team looking for its third straight state championship. Today meet senior Lacey Knight and her sister, junior Kara Weiss, who together captain the squad.

What is it like cheering on such a small squad?

Weiss: It's hard because you don't have very many people to move around. But we have a pretty good team this year -- if only we had more. I went from a very big squad [11 cheerleaders] last year [to six this year], but we make it work.

What's it like cheering for a championship team?

Weiss: Exciting. Most teams don't get to go to state like we do.

Who is your role model?

Weiss: It would have to be my sister. She was always a gymnast and everything. Tumbling is nothing for her. I've always struggled with tumbling. She can get on the floor and do as many flips as she wants.

Knight: Kara. She's really strong and independent, and she's always been there for me no matter what.

What's your favorite food?

Kight: Pizza, cheese pizza. Thick crust.

What's your favorite part of cheerleading?

Knight: Getting to cheer with my sister.

What advice would you give new high school students?

Knight: Always follow your dreams and don't let anybody get you down.

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